10 best new Android games of 2017!

Adventures of Baki

is a new plat-former. It also features some small shooter mechanics as well. The game includes decent graphics, various control schemes, and support for 10 languages. It also boasts a story line, mini quests, and cloud saving. The game is easy enough to play. The eponymous character loses all of its food. The adventure it to recover the food. The story borrows a bit from other popular platforms. However, that doesn’t make the game not fun. It’s currently free with in-app purchases.

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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

is Nintendo’s latest big release. In fact, the game already has over five million downloads just a couple of weeks after release. The central mechanic is sim-building. You build up a campsite. From there, animals show up, you can explore things, and various other activities. The reception is very positive so far. However, Nintendo did make this one a freemium game. That may be a dark spot on an otherwise great game release. Most don’t seem to mind, though.

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Farmer Sim 2018

is the latest farming sim game in the franchise. It plays a lot like last year’s game. Some of the improvements include better graphics, more stuff to do, and slightly better controls. The game allows players to build, run, and upgrade a farm. That includes livestock, crops, equipment, and even a career mode. The game has a few bugs as is typical of new releases. However, it is free to download. That way you can see if it works right for you should you want to try it.

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